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Summer EP Recording

I am working on a new EP for this summer, it will have a few songs you’ve heard before, done up to sound all pretty. Isaac Derfel Master Mixer and Intern at Electric Wilburland will be running the board as well as featuring some strings on a few tracks. When it is all said and done it will likely be available to download somewhere on this site. Aside from that, I’m working on a new video of a cover mash-up for the summer with two songs about those girls from the West coast.

That’s all for now, I’ll have more as we get it down and recorded,

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Recording Blue Eyed Blues

Hey guys, so it’s been a while but Mary and I have been working with the wonderful Isaac Derfel to record Blue Eyed Blues for some sort of EP perhaps. We decided to take advantage of the recording spaces available to us here at Ithaca College. Expect to hear more about it in the next couple weeks as we polish it up and add some more supporting tracks. Thanks for listening as always.

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Acoustifest 2009

I will again be playing the always lovely Acoustifest Show at the Carriage House in Ithaca this year. It will be Saturday, December 12th at about 8 p.m. I believe. I will be pulling out most of my favorites, likely Torn, and Let Down Lover, and maybe a surprise cover, I’ll think of something cool, ooo or Ring of Fire, it’s been a while. It was a great show last year, the other bands that played were some great comp groups from Ithaca High School and surrounding areas. There will probably be a cover charge, but it’s a good cause, so I can’t really complain, though I prefer free shows. Anyways, I’ve started work on a few other projects, and I am excited for this show as well. Hope to see you there.

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New Recording Of Torn

I first recorded this song in the winter of 2008. I simply made a Youtube Video of it and posted it. It has become a favorite for many of my listeners, and is my personal favorite as well. Hopefully it will post on here and be playable in the media player. Any comments or questions about lyrics or meanings can be posted here. There is also video which can be found on the “Video” page in the header bar.

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First Time for Everything

This is my first post, you can come back here to find out about upcoming shows, new recordings, music videos, and any other projects I may be involved in. I will try to provide at least a weekly blog of some sort with these sorts of updates. Any questions or comments can be left on other pages. I appreciate anything you guys have to say. Have a look around, and let me know what you think.

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